Thursday, March 24, 2011

New Shoe Trend Alert: Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots have been around since... well the advent of Cowboys. The original design of the cowboy boot was due to safety issues. It had a pointed toe so the rider could easily insert his/her boot into the stirrup that was connected to the horse saddle. The heel was wedged to prevent the cowboy's boots from sliding through the stirrup, which could have caused the rider life threatening challenges. And now after that brief history lesson, I bet you won't look at another cowboy boot the same way...

Why is this a Plus Sized Must Have?
I like this style of boots is because of the heel. They meet somewhere in between a wedge and and a stiletto. They provide more stability to the knees and ankles than some stilettos without that chunky bulky feeling that some wedge heeled shoes have.

This boot has seen many different variations this season. I've seen boots encased with rocker studs, slouched boot shafts, sexy and exotic animal skins, and the list goes on. With all the style variations there is a great chance in finding a cowboy boot to top off your current personal style.

How to wear cowboy boots in 2011?
We are not cowboys, so please be a little more creative before you decide to walk out the house with the huge cowboy hat, handkerchief, and wrangler jeans... unless you are going to a costume party or are apart of that culture. There are a few adaptations you can make without looking like a professional bull rider.

The most common way to wear these boots are with tights and tight jeans tucked into the shaft of the boot. Depending on the type of boot you may also try and combine the look with different accessories.

Plus sized blogger Big Beautyful Mess found a way to create a casual look with tights, a Z. Cavaricci Buckle Belt, and a Plum Takon dress from B & LU.

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