Saturday, May 26, 2012

Queen Latifah's "Queen Collection" Fashion Line Rocks HSN

Last week I was browsing through the channels and caught a promotion spot on HSN talking about Queen Latifah's appearance in the next hour to introduce new pieces for her Queen Collection fashion line. And I was like... Ohh Really...  I had absolutely nothing else to do so I felt the need to stay tuned.

I swear, I'm just so amazed at Queen's career as an entrepreneur. I had the opportunity to be an extra in her upcoming film "Steel Magnolias" just this past May. I sat across from her in the pews as the crew filmed the wedding scene. And I tell you she looked flawless!! Her hair, make up, and wardrobe is always put together. So when I heard about this on HSN, I just had to stop through and show some love!

Her collection is exclusive to HSN, so if you are looking to find it in stores, you can quit now. She came on the show with her fashion stylist, Timothy Snell. They really sold the line with materials and how "forgiving" these pieces are on women's trouble spots. There were a couple of plush models that wore the clothes very well. They even did a great job piecing different combinations with each item. You could envision yourself in a business office, on a day of shopping, or a night on the town with every item introduced.

My favorite item was the poncho, can't even find it on the website, so I think it sold out... I guess I better jump for it next time, cause these pieces went FAST!!!!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Finding that Fabulous Plus Sized Bathing Suit

I ain't even gonna front. In the past I have been a little apprehensive about swimwear. I didn't want to expose all my trouble areas that the thinner small framed women didn't have. But I swear, something changed at the end of my 20's. It was my attitude and perspective. Instead of saying, "ohh, I can't wear a two piece bathing suit," I started saying, "well, what can I wear that will make me look FAB??" And that, darling, is the day that my beach going days began again!!

Now there are two places I feel comfortable shopping at. Believe it or not Old Navy has a terrific plus sized swimwear lineup this season. And the greatest part is the affordable prices... they start at $25 bucks! So this makes going to beach with incredible fashion style so easy. Where is the dern easy button... umm hmm.

I like these Old Navy swimsuits because they in some way, shape, or form, have built in mechanisms that address my trouble areas without making me look like I have on a potato sack. There is tummy trimming lining and ruched siding along the bodice on a few of the suits. Other suits have low cut high waisted bikini bottoms and/or a loose fitting top. I'm impressed. I can't wait to post pictures showing just how fabulous I look in my swimsuit!!! Here are a few of my other favorites from Old Navy.