Sunday, April 22, 2012

Relationship Advice from

A friend of mine hit me up about this site. Now I'm an open minded individual. I don't knock something until I try it. At least I make an effort not to. But I went ahead and created an account. I needed to generate some romance "buzz" so I went for it. But after a week I am so ready to delete this account and return my life back to normal.

Here are just a few things I learned from that I really already knew.

1. The Men Here Are Fishing. And woe to the women that take the bait and succumb to the booty call. This is a "Fishing" site, no doubt. They use their lines and words as the bait. I can imagine them saying... "Hmm what can I say to her to get her here at this hotel, parked car, park, her house, for quick sex?" If you are seeking a wholesome relationship, then why bother getting entangled in these lines? You already know the deal.

2. Men Crave Visual Stimulation. I had one picture on my profile. It showed mostly my face. But guys kept hitting me up asking for more. A full body shot. An ass shot. So I'm like, okay. I put up a full body shot. Then they would hit me up with compliments and asking for more pictures. Really?!?! What for? So you can ask for more, and more, and more? Where is the limit? Most guys who are out here sporting don't have a limit... they will never be satisfied until they die.

3. Best Defense A Woman Can Have Is Her Own Agenda. The game is everywhere. It has been and it will always be. But a woman uses her own agenda, standards, as a guide to get her through this watering hole to a place where she can enjoy life with someone who values her essence. Ladies if he doesn't respect you, then he won't take you to that relationship place that you are looking for. He just won't care. You'll just be another face in his Yearbook of Booty Calls.

I suggest you go see that new Steve Harvey move, Think Like A Man. It is a great eyeopener to the game of sports fishing (watch the movie to understand that last line *wink)!

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