Saturday, May 26, 2012

Queen Latifah's "Queen Collection" Fashion Line Rocks HSN

Last week I was browsing through the channels and caught a promotion spot on HSN talking about Queen Latifah's appearance in the next hour to introduce new pieces for her Queen Collection fashion line. And I was like... Ohh Really...  I had absolutely nothing else to do so I felt the need to stay tuned.

I swear, I'm just so amazed at Queen's career as an entrepreneur. I had the opportunity to be an extra in her upcoming film "Steel Magnolias" just this past May. I sat across from her in the pews as the crew filmed the wedding scene. And I tell you she looked flawless!! Her hair, make up, and wardrobe is always put together. So when I heard about this on HSN, I just had to stop through and show some love!

Her collection is exclusive to HSN, so if you are looking to find it in stores, you can quit now. She came on the show with her fashion stylist, Timothy Snell. They really sold the line with materials and how "forgiving" these pieces are on women's trouble spots. There were a couple of plush models that wore the clothes very well. They even did a great job piecing different combinations with each item. You could envision yourself in a business office, on a day of shopping, or a night on the town with every item introduced.

My favorite item was the poncho, can't even find it on the website, so I think it sold out... I guess I better jump for it next time, cause these pieces went FAST!!!!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Finding that Fabulous Plus Sized Bathing Suit

I ain't even gonna front. In the past I have been a little apprehensive about swimwear. I didn't want to expose all my trouble areas that the thinner small framed women didn't have. But I swear, something changed at the end of my 20's. It was my attitude and perspective. Instead of saying, "ohh, I can't wear a two piece bathing suit," I started saying, "well, what can I wear that will make me look FAB??" And that, darling, is the day that my beach going days began again!!

Now there are two places I feel comfortable shopping at. Believe it or not Old Navy has a terrific plus sized swimwear lineup this season. And the greatest part is the affordable prices... they start at $25 bucks! So this makes going to beach with incredible fashion style so easy. Where is the dern easy button... umm hmm.

I like these Old Navy swimsuits because they in some way, shape, or form, have built in mechanisms that address my trouble areas without making me look like I have on a potato sack. There is tummy trimming lining and ruched siding along the bodice on a few of the suits. Other suits have low cut high waisted bikini bottoms and/or a loose fitting top. I'm impressed. I can't wait to post pictures showing just how fabulous I look in my swimsuit!!! Here are a few of my other favorites from Old Navy.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Relationship Advice from

A friend of mine hit me up about this site. Now I'm an open minded individual. I don't knock something until I try it. At least I make an effort not to. But I went ahead and created an account. I needed to generate some romance "buzz" so I went for it. But after a week I am so ready to delete this account and return my life back to normal.

Here are just a few things I learned from that I really already knew.

1. The Men Here Are Fishing. And woe to the women that take the bait and succumb to the booty call. This is a "Fishing" site, no doubt. They use their lines and words as the bait. I can imagine them saying... "Hmm what can I say to her to get her here at this hotel, parked car, park, her house, for quick sex?" If you are seeking a wholesome relationship, then why bother getting entangled in these lines? You already know the deal.

2. Men Crave Visual Stimulation. I had one picture on my profile. It showed mostly my face. But guys kept hitting me up asking for more. A full body shot. An ass shot. So I'm like, okay. I put up a full body shot. Then they would hit me up with compliments and asking for more pictures. Really?!?! What for? So you can ask for more, and more, and more? Where is the limit? Most guys who are out here sporting don't have a limit... they will never be satisfied until they die.

3. Best Defense A Woman Can Have Is Her Own Agenda. The game is everywhere. It has been and it will always be. But a woman uses her own agenda, standards, as a guide to get her through this watering hole to a place where she can enjoy life with someone who values her essence. Ladies if he doesn't respect you, then he won't take you to that relationship place that you are looking for. He just won't care. You'll just be another face in his Yearbook of Booty Calls.

I suggest you go see that new Steve Harvey move, Think Like A Man. It is a great eyeopener to the game of sports fishing (watch the movie to understand that last line *wink)!

Suggested Resources:
Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man
A Gold Digger's Guide: How to Get What You Want Without Giving It Up
Straight Talk, No Chaser
Steve Harvey On Playing Hard To Get Video

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Do it Yourself Eyebrow Shaping

I had been thinking about creating a "how to" tutorial for shaping eyebrows. Years ago I watched my stylist cut my eyebrows, then I was like, I really can do this too. It saved me a lot of time and a few bucks while doing it myself. Yeah starting out I got nicked but now I can step out the house "fresh to def" whenever...

Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Lily Pad... My Escape From Life

I've moved to Atlanta. I needed a new environment. I needed a new wind. I've been here for 4 months. Most of my time has been dedicated to me working hard and trying to reestablish myself, ya know, get back on your feet and become independent again. So now I'm back in my own spot "the Lily Pad" (my bachelorette pad). And I won't even fake the funk... things are really tight for me. Even though I have two really great jobs, one is a contract job with great pay, but it is not a guaranteed job, and the other doesn't pay well, but it has a lot of great perks and lets me meet new people. So for now I'm content.

One thing I've been most concerned about is my home environment. I believe that your environment is what gives you the best energy to perform in life. Think about it, besides work, this is the place where you will spend most of your time. It houses your most sacred possessions. My place is like my fortress. If I want to get away from the world, this would be the place. So I decided, if that is the case, I want my environment to reflect my style and to reinforce who I am as a person. I don't just want to have stuff in my home, I want it all to mean something to me. And if I happen to invite anyone over, they can get a feeling of who I am just by entering the room.

I am balling out on a budget right now so I will take my time getting my place right. I ended up recycling ferns from an arrangement I made while in Florida and using them in two free standing sconces. I put the end result in my bathroom and kitchen. I hung some old motivational decor above my kitchen sink and now I am looking for an exotic rug and another really great piece of artwork to put in my front room.

One thing I am most grateful for is not getting rid of my belongings in Florida. Keeping things like curtains, furniture, stainless steel trash cans, dishes, and other misc items made it easy for me to settle into my new spot really quick. I got rid of a few things but overall, I saved so much money just by bringing all my things with me.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Time To Regroup and Refocus...I'm so Uber Fat

I woke up and thanked God for life this morning..

I had a great weekend. After I counted up what I was grateful for it became easy to overlook my ever ending car troubles. I met up with a plus sized group here in Atlanta recently. They seem like really cool people. I would have loved to join their group as a plus sized woman, but when I looked at the group picture they posted from the meet up we had, I had to take a second glance.

There I was on the picture... I looked uber fat. Granted it was a plus sized group, but DAYUM!!!! I have never been so disgusted at myself. Now don't get it twisted, I love myself and all my poundage... but there comes a time when everyone must realize... really... are you healthy... are you happy?? And as of right now... I am not... so that only means one thing... back to the gym I go!!!

And I can't really get mad at myself. I did just make an incredible move and had to figure my way around the city pretty much by myself with few resources, but now that I am a little more stable, I'm ready to get back on track with my exercise regimen and work to tighten up my beautiful big boned curves.... size 8 here I come!!! lol... But I'll still be big boned...

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My Self Esteem Needs Constant Maintenance... Even Today

I kinda sorta go back and forth with the whole idea of this blog. Part of me wants to use this as a tool to speak positive and optimism over my life and the things I want to accomplish. But then I want to keep it real and be upfront about myself and how I feel. I'm torn... well whatever...

Last time I checked I was about 240 something pounds. I'm not proud of that weight. I'm not proud that I rock a size 18 at 5'2. It seems that I am just not able to control my weight. I look at other smaller people and wish I could have that gene that keeps people from packing on the weight.. I mean I believe there is such a gene... right?!?!

But one thing I can say is that I have accepted my size and the arduous task that I must work extra hard to control my weight. This does weigh heavy on my self esteem. I think the worst feeling that attributes to the wavering self gratitude is the fact that I want to get to a smaller size so bad, but I just can't seem to "get it" like most people. I haven't mastered the art of weight maintenance like most everyone else. And that makes me feel like people are looking at me and saying, "Wow, she has no self discipline". I care a lot what others think because they do pass judgment based off of personal appearance.

As a part of my life goals I have written goals in order to keep my self esteem from becoming low. In addition to working out and eating right I have also included a few objectives to help me in the personal appearance department.

#1--Everytime I get my paycheck I have to buy myself 2 outfits.
So I have learned that when you look great, you feel great. It took a while to understand what types of clothes flatter my figure well, but once I got the general science down, shopping became fun. Trying different pieces and style variations really stirred up an appreciation for myself. Also it is important for me to stay with current trends and adapt them to my personal style. I've realized in order for me to remain competitive with my peers I need to keep my wardrobe fresh and updated. Staying relevant with today's trends go a long way when constantly meeting new people. People judge you by what you look like. I've realized that an unkempt appearance can be an obstacle while making new friends and establishing a business rapport with new clients. I've decided to never let my personal appearance be the first roadblock to success.

#2--Everytime I get my paycheck I have to get the dawgs all pretty.
And by dawgs I mean the toes. There is something to say about getting your feet done and then showing them off in sandals. It makes me feel pretty. Its like by taking time to do something for me, I instantly feel important, and feel I require special handling. This is an incredible feeling.

My hair doesn't have to be Hollywood Glam, but it definitely has to be presentable. I believe the easiest thing to do to make you look a million bucks is to get a hairstlye that looks great. Don't go out with your hair in ponytails all the time. It works with some looks, but with others it looks lazy. I realized that a nice updoo with jeans and a simple black tee can make you look fab instantly. Just think about it and try it out.

Well these tips work for me... I'm always looking for simple ways to just boost my esteem a little. I swear, once I stopped looking to everyone else to make me happy and started paying attention to what I looked like and how I enjoyed my time, life started becoming a little more exciting!!

MUAH!!! Kisses to the wind... someone will bring em back!