Saturday, July 9, 2011

How Many Cami's Are In Your Closet?

Have you ever heard the statement, "The versatility of a woman's wardrobe depends on the number of camisole's she has in her closet"? Probably not. But what you may not realize is the power of the camisole in your wardrobe. This is a fashion MUST HAVE!

Camisoles are everywhere. Department stores advertise them 2 for $6, $10, or $15. Most women buy one top in a few different colors.
They are usually simple single color tops with little or no detail. And they are made with fabrics suited for any occasion.

How To Wear A Cami
The most popular way to wear a cami is usually with a two piece set like a jumpsuit, pant suit, business suit, or any other piece that
involves a matching top and bottom. Another way to wear a cami is with articles of clothing that exposes more bust than you've bargained for. Some V-neck tops are cami friendly. One of my favorite ways to wear the cami is with a simple pair of pants and a blazer that has a really great personality. The cami serves as a simple accent while allowing the blazer to really show some pizazz!!

The greatest thing about camisoles are that you can mix and
match them to other pieces in your wardrobe to make a fresh new look. They are simple accents, but they are a basic staple that every woman needs to complete her outfit.


  1. I own so many Cami's! A great staple piece. x

  2. I know right! So easy to find... and they are not too expensive at all!

  3. I agree! Cami's are definitely a staple. Once I find one in a great fit, I buy it in all colors. Gotta love them!