Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Petite Big Boned Women Get No Love From Clothing Stores

So, me and my sister went on an impromptu shopping trip. Sometimes I get really picky on where I shop because my sizes are really hard to find. I am a petite 5' 1 1/2" with so much junk in the trunk that only a size 18 can cover. I mean really, my ass is so bodacious... It is extremely hard trying to find clothes that fit me right. I like to wear petite clothing because the fit is proportionate to women who stand 5'4" or less. But to find something in a size 18... nearly impossible. Then when I try on Women's sizes or Plus Sizes, the bodice is really loose fitting and doesn't hug my curves and the crotch in the pants usually hangs low and bulk up and makes me look like I have a groin... this is not cute sexy or attractive at all (womp womp womp).

I'm not sure if I'm whining or launching a campaign for Petite Big Boned women but I really wish a retailer would understand there is a Petite Big Boned niche that needs to have clothes
that fit. I can say that I have only found one line of clothing that caters especially to us. I discovered "Source of Wisdom", a line I've only seen in Torrid.

I bought a pair of "Source of Wisdom" blue jeans a while ago. They were a size 1S. "S" stands for short. The only other options were "T" for tall and "R" for regular. And the way these pants hugged my beautiful curves was amazing. I swear when I got them home I laid across the bed gazing into the mirror in awe of how great my ass looked. I threw on some heels and strutted across the room. I even made a pitcher of lemonade in them. And as I was sipping a glass of lemonade I went onto my balcony and did a little pose for my peeping toms, just in case they were

I'm still on the hunt for great fits for Petite Big Boned bodies, but until then, I will be satisfied with every color of these "Source of Wisdom" jeans I just bought. I swear... I love my ass! MUAH!!! Kisses to the wind shugas!

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