Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Lily Pad... My Escape From Life

I've moved to Atlanta. I needed a new environment. I needed a new wind. I've been here for 4 months. Most of my time has been dedicated to me working hard and trying to reestablish myself, ya know, get back on your feet and become independent again. So now I'm back in my own spot "the Lily Pad" (my bachelorette pad). And I won't even fake the funk... things are really tight for me. Even though I have two really great jobs, one is a contract job with great pay, but it is not a guaranteed job, and the other doesn't pay well, but it has a lot of great perks and lets me meet new people. So for now I'm content.

One thing I've been most concerned about is my home environment. I believe that your environment is what gives you the best energy to perform in life. Think about it, besides work, this is the place where you will spend most of your time. It houses your most sacred possessions. My place is like my fortress. If I want to get away from the world, this would be the place. So I decided, if that is the case, I want my environment to reflect my style and to reinforce who I am as a person. I don't just want to have stuff in my home, I want it all to mean something to me. And if I happen to invite anyone over, they can get a feeling of who I am just by entering the room.

I am balling out on a budget right now so I will take my time getting my place right. I ended up recycling ferns from an arrangement I made while in Florida and using them in two free standing sconces. I put the end result in my bathroom and kitchen. I hung some old motivational decor above my kitchen sink and now I am looking for an exotic rug and another really great piece of artwork to put in my front room.

One thing I am most grateful for is not getting rid of my belongings in Florida. Keeping things like curtains, furniture, stainless steel trash cans, dishes, and other misc items made it easy for me to settle into my new spot really quick. I got rid of a few things but overall, I saved so much money just by bringing all my things with me.

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